Sunday, April 26, 2015

My WHY?!

Why did I start Plexus? Why would someone join a network marketing scam (in some people's eyes)? Well let me just tell you...

started because I am tired of being tired!

I started because I have serious heartburn... Like serious, like heart on fire!

I started because I see the opportunity here to help others. 

I started because I see an opportunity to make some extra cash money...AND pay for my new healthy habit! Get paid to get healthy... Uh ok!

I started because I'm a cheerleader and I love to cheer people on! The support on this team is shocking and they are all the way in Texas, y'all! 

I started because I'm bat s*** crazy and I like to do crazy s*** crazy stuff. I like to take chances especially when the chances involve health and money!

I started because people think I can't and  I'll show them different. People throw rocks at things that shine Ya know.

I started because I love talking to people. Coreys says I'd talk to a wall..I haven't stooped there ..wait unless talking to yourself counts?! 

I started because I don't need to have inventory or parties or stand up and talk about it...been there and have a kitchen full of awesome tools but I don't like public talking.

I started because I love food and I could not get a handle on over indulging by myself. 

I started because I workout to damn hard for that to go to waste on emotional eating. 

I started because there are many testimonies of people getting off anti depressants and I would love to ditch my "crazy pill"... But for the sake of my children/husband lives I must keep on  but it's coming.. I know it! 

I started because I had a head ache almost every single day...that's not ok!

I started because I'm really struggling with what I want to be when I grow up... Could this be it? Who knows? People in this business are super successful so heck I'll try anything once!

I started because it sells itself and its what people are looking for.

I started because I have watched the process of a sweet friend I trust. A sweet friend who has been so patient with me for 8 months. The time just wasn't right but man am I kicking myself now. If I feel this good today what would I feel like if I started 8 months ago? Ugh... I annoy myself... 

So jump on it y'all. What are you waiting for? What scares you? Give it a try you have nothing to lose... Except maybe some LBs! 60 days money back guarentee... I mean who does that?!


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

PInk and Sparkly!

So there is this stuff I fell in love with; it's pink and sparkly.  So of course I wanted it...right?! 

It's called Plexus

I work out and I love working out; however, I love sugar almost more.  I mean like loooove it. The type of love that can be described as a hide in the closet and eat a whole bag of robin eggs type of love.  I can eat the crap out of some cake as know "this edge isn't even with the other side of the cake edge, so I have to keep on eating and eating and eating until, crap, it's gone!"  

I've passed this love of sugar onto my kids and it's scary. After every meal we have dessert. Every. Meal! Jaxson came home and told me the other day he heard sugar gives you cancer?! Um ok, that's taking it a little far, well kinda...maybe somewhere/somehow sugar is related to cancer I'm guessing. I do know sugar is addictive and the devil, so if I want to get to the next level of health in my life and quit wasting my workouts, I'm going to have to ditch it. But how? 

I know a crazy Plexus lady who every once in a while would mention Plexus and how it rids her of these types of cravings. So I tried it and guess what, it freaking worked. These cravings went away. Something even better than ditching the cravings was the fact I wasn't driving into that dreaded mid-afternoon wall at 2pm everyday. In a short time I've ditched sugar and rid myself of nap time!  I have stomach issue and serious jitters with other things I have tried...there is no caffeine and it is made with natural ingredients so neither of those have been an issue.  It's a simple pink powder you add to your water routine in the morning - that's it.

I started with the pink drink. I have my shipment of other products on the way and I can't wait to try them and see new results and the next step in the healthy "me."

If you have not heard of Plexus, check it out. They have weight loss, cleanse, probiotics, protein shakes and more.  I am not a salesman - I couldn't sale water to a man on fire; I just like to share goodness and things that make a difference...this stuff sales itself!  You can thank me later.

Dude, you want it! It's pink and sparkly-so of course you do!!! 

It's 60 money back guarantee and approximately $2.50 a day. So ditch the Starbucks, or the Sonic Route 44 (which are both full of sugar or fake-sugar), or the bag of Robin Eggs and get you some Plexus. It won't disappoint.  I am happy to share samples too...just ask!

Monday, September 15, 2014

This guy..

This guy stole my heart 8 years ago! Jaxson Wheat, I love you so! You are just the coolest, sweetest, loving and admirable dude. In 8 more years instead of a scooter you will be asking for a car! Wha?!?
Baby Carter.
Birthday round -1

Monday, July 28, 2014

Disney dayz!

Wow...happiest place on earth indeed. First trip to Disney and it was been a blast!!

First, I want to see a show of hands for people who are cray-cray and are going to waste 6 plus hours of their life waiting on a princess?? I have heard of WAY too many people doing this. WTH?! Anna and Elsa-I mean yeah I teared up a little at the pure joy of my daughter meeting them and have felt very accomplished when other characters and attendants see we do have the autograph of them..and we only waited a short time. But come on y'all... More than a 30 minutes wait ain't worth it. That's just me maybe.. I'll move on.
Day One at Magic Kingdom we got there 30 minutes before opening and went straight to Anna and Elsa. No fast pass we waited 20 minutes-success!! Then we moved on through our 3 fast passes. We picked Space Mountain-awesome! Pirates of the Caribbean-closed=not awesome and Monsters Inc laugh-very mediocre... Then we fit a few rides here and there and lunchtime we were ready to go home.."hangey" we were and hotter than hates we decided to take a break. This is where everything didn't go so well ...we came home and ate made all the kids take a nap and then it started raining..not the 2 hour fast moving Florida rain.. More like a never let up and actually intensified though the night.. So magic was short lived that day. We went out to eat and then I pretended I was going to "read" and never actually opened my book and it was only 10pm. You should try that trick... Works every time. :-)

Day two-we understood the whole fast pass thing and the lunch/snack/heat thing. We went to Animal kingdom. Many people told me this wasn't a good choice but for us it was one of the best days! Animal kingdom is very shaded, the Lion King show it amazing, we rode all the rides and also saw the Nemo show which was pretty cute too. It was a good day!

Day 3 we headed to Sugarmill where you get to make your own pancakes. Besides the fact it was hot, hot, hot in there with all the skillets on, it was delish and a very fun experience. It's located on a state park that has a really cool natural spring pool that the kids had a blast in. After all you can eat pancakes it was only appropriate to go to the beach and be beached whales for the day. 
This night Corey and I got a date. We went to Downtown Disney. We ate appetizers and had a beer at Ragland Road Irish Pub. This place was great, food was delish, beer was cold and there was constant entertainment-band, dancers and music. Fun time! Thanks Boo, Pops, Chad for keeping the kiddos!

Day 4 was back to Magic Kingdom where we walked and walked and walked and made up for our short day on Monday. We walked 12 miles that day..aye yai yai! Kids held up fairly well and it is truely a magical place! 
                                          Jaxson in his element- The Pirate Life for him..
                        And Annabelle in her element-The Princess Mermaid Life for her.

Day 5 we went to blizzard beach for a few water slides and a more low key day and then afternoon by the pool. 

Day 6 downtown Disney followed by a loooong wait at the airport for a flight that keeps getting delayed-boo! 

It was a fabulous, magical and awesome trip. It was all I dreamed of and more. Thank you Boo and Pops for a fantastic trip!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

We still do!

14 years ago (one of our first dates) before cell phone cameras existed...
heck, we might have still only had beepers here.
July 17th, 2004- I married THE best guy, whom I want to laugh with, 
dance with and smile too hard with all the days of my life. 
You gave me 2 of the most precious people, life sucking and all, we are perfect for us.
You follow me and support me and push me to places I never thought possible.  
We do BIG things and I am so proud to be on your team!
Corey- I love you for all that you are, all you have been and what you are yet to be.  
Happy 10 years, LoveBoat! 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy 4th, y'all!

                                   Happy 4th, from Bethany Beach, DE.
               My Hannah Bear- loves the water. 
                                My super heroes.
First time eating crabs...he was quite the fan.  He dug right in.